Bloody Sunday

The Bloody Sunday inquiry has been delayed for another year, yet again. It has been the most expensive public inquiry in British history and was cited as the reason to avoid a full public inquiry into the London underground bombings.

My stepfather was a Staff Sergeant in the Parachute Regiment attached to the Royal Engineers for 22 years. Everything I’ve previously wrote on this blog about him is true. I found it a little odd when I learnt that my local police force is the only one in the whole of the UK that keeps records of every Northern Irish resident living in the region.

There are far too many coincidences to ignore them. If as I fear my stepfathers Top Brass friends whom he dines with on a regular basis are connected to this shameful act of brutal murder then somewhere out there someone is going to have to take the allegations I have made about him and his friends on this web page seriously.

He is also a fully qualified explosives expert that admitted to me in an email he knew what happened on 9/11 but refused to say – this can be proven.

He went to Brompton barracks 1 week before the London underground bombings and he was abroad on 9/11. I believe our top brass helped orchestrate and execute both atrocities. There are other co-incidences. Like the way the American Engineers were responsible for the levy’s that broke during hurricane Katrina and we all know how our Para’s like to go on exchange trips with their American counterparts – I guess that could go for the Royal Engineers too?

I think America is right to exercise greater vetting procedures on the British citizens they choose to allow into their country. (As was reported in the news) I think I know why too.

We don’t just need a full public inquiry into Bloody Sunday, we need one for 7/7 and 9/11 too.

Our Top Brass may be hoping to buy enough time to bury the truth but here is one truth of which I am certain, I’d rather die in defence of the truth than live at the mercy of a pack of cowardly murdering bastards.

I guess nothing much has changed in that department.


The beeb ran this story recently;

SAS impersonator faces the boot

Now ask yourself this? My humble little blog has been under scrutiny for quite a while now and I’ve made some pretty gigantic claims about my stepfather with pic’s included about a man that was a staff sergeant in a regiment that does the recruiting for the SAS. So far

Lt Col Stuart Tootal, 42, commanding officer of 3 Para, joins SAS Major Sebastian Morley in their resignation from the British armed forces amongst others.

And I am still free and at liberty to blog about a man who has the favour of our very top brass. If as I’ve begged for in the past that this blog should be fully investigated then please ask yourself if any statement I have made about the man were untrue – why have I not been prosecuted for defamation of character by the man himself or indeed the men he associates with?

Resignation – on mass.

If there is no one left to do their dirty work – quite frankly they are up the suwannee without a paddle!



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3 Responses to Bloody Sunday

  1. Unknown says:

    No you are right, nothings changed. The only thing that moves is the stooges on the front. The puppetmasters will always cover their own backs.It seems to that the Americans are going to get it tougher when the introduce the new laws that will make it….If you want to travel by air in America, you need to get the govenments permission. !! Sad but its going to happen.You take care ok?regards Jim

  2. LAIRD says:

    I AGREE THE IRA ARE  \’cowardly murdering bastards\’ as for the americans who finance them ?????????????

  3. Ms says:

    Well thanks for your intelligent input and reasoned argument “truth you cannt handle it” I would have sent you an email to ask you to elaborate however you haven’t left one? The police, the MoD and the American’s all have my home address & I have the courage of my own convictions to back my argument up. It’s no secret who I am or where I live and I’m happy to listen to the views of others however judging by your anonymity I can only conclude your comfortable in the shadows or my stepfather’s up to his old propaganda tricks?

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