The British betrayal of America.

& No I’m not talking taxes on tea. I’m talking about arming another country and getting them to do our own dirty work for us, who can then take the wrath of the world at a later date. My stepfather always used to say Hitler had the right idea, and I wonder sometimes if he was referring to the useful convenience of a scapegoat? Or simply mass murder in general?

I know I keep going on about this but I feel it keeps getting overlooked. We helped Israel get the nuclear bomb which it has been alleged of blackmailing America with and we done it behind America’s back under the watch of President Eisenhower who was desperately trying to warn the world against the perils of the military industrial complex. I can’t find this video on you tube for love or money but you can watch it here;

& you can read the story here

It seems all Britain is capable of exporting these days is treachery


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2 Responses to The British betrayal of America.

  1. Unknown says:

    Yea, seriously overlooked. But act against or comment on and you are then labled. They have it sewn up.Keep safe.Jim

  2. Freecloud says:

    The English were never going to give up empire that easy so we put good old George Washington in there, a freemason to write the constitution for them. Clever shit like that always made sure this dog would wag that tail.

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