Chinese Authorities ban Gun’s and Roses Chinese Democracy.

And personally I don’t blame them if the western model is anything to go buy. Let’s be honest the new Gun’s and Roses album title is as ironic as irony can get. Any freedom loving person in the USA or UK with a thinking mind realised a long time ago we have no say in what our political masters get up too and the meaning of democracy is just another dirty lie they try to can and sell to us.

Cheer up China I know personally the one country our British top brass fear the most and that’s you. Who know’s? Maybe Axl does too? Though that’s not for me to speculate so I won’t.

My point being the very title of the album coming from a westerner is ever so slightly the pot calling the kettle black ass, if you’d be kind enough to pardon my expression. It’s the best way I could think of putting it.

I found this sign today & it made me smile.

As for what I thought of the album? I think I’ll be needing about 14 years to work it out.

Let’s be honest divide and rule is the British way, it always was.

Oooh and think about this; if our politicians are nothing but the military industrial complex’s puppets, what are our rock stars?


Yeah, I don’t know much about Gun’s and Roses but I do know about OPIUM.  Just think Afghanistan!


Tibet, a region coveted by western nations since the Opium War in the 1840s, has long been an inalienable part of Chinese territory and the Tibetans have been part of the big multi-national Chinese family. The so-called issue of "Tibet Independence," is originally an outcome of aggression by imperialist nations, said a Chinese expert.

Britain launched two invasions into Tibet, in 1888 and during 1903 and 1904, in an attempt to build up an exclusive colonial influence in the region. It also tried to separate Tibet from China and ultimately turn it into a "buffer zone" against British-controlled northern India.

Britain’s Opium War against China.

And someone wrote an entire book about this opium war too it’s called;

Dope, Inc. : Britain Opium War against the US (1978)


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