Crazy American’s. I have to admit I love them all.

However some aren’t so crazy, they are more outraged and as furious as I find myself on a regular basis at the British or “Brutish” empire as some have suggested.

There is one particular American who has my deepest respect and already knew the perils of the British might long before I opened my eyes. He’s a very well respected American statesman and I think he makes sense. He knows exactly how it is and has been thinking outside of the box from way before I was borne and everything that he say’s along with the accusations I’ve made on my blog about the my stepfather and his British top brass military friends having America and the rest of the world in a stranglehold seems to corroborate our own experiences to lead to the same conclusion.

Sadly all I have is accusations but the most hopeful thing about this man is he appears to have a solution where by the table’s could be legitimately turned without me having to put an S.O.S out appealing for a few thousand American marines to come and liberate us from this tyranny!

Please check him out for yourself at the Executive Intelligence Review

He know’s that between Russia, China, India and the US this monster that has been created could be slain once and for all.

I wish him every success.

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