Doing my bit for the WAR effort – there is a war on you know? Oh yeah Christmas comes and yet another distraction.

You wouldn’t really believe we have young lads straight out of school over on some foreign shore killing and being killed because the ruling elite have so crippled our country there is not much in the way of jobs or prospects for our young men and women with aspirations of their own. I’m guilty too, Christmas comes and before you know it I’m preoccupied with singing Santa Baby to my eleven year old (he actually likes my singing) and were in for another round of how much credit mommy can muster before she has to declare herself legally bankrupt! I don’t want to pee on the bonfire or give you a guilt trip but young men and women have been duped into sacrificing their lives so our government can keep us in the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed. And I don’t know about you but rockin in the free world isn’t so free as they would want us to believe. This is old news, 2 years to be precise and this was the Editor’s note’s on the article

Afghanistan: The Other Lost War

Stephen Lendman – The Rebel Media Group September 28, 2006

Editor’s note: The Afghanistan War wasn’t lost. It was a stunning success. Its one and only goal was the restauration of Afghanistan’s traditional role as the supplier of 90% of the world’s opium, the basis for the production of heroin and other narcotics. The opium trade is an industry that for the last 200 years has been firmly controlled by the British royal family. The Brits went to war in its support more than once before. It took only months to oust the Talibans after they embarked on a successful anti-opium campaign, reducing Afghanistan’s output to under 5% of the usual amount. One year later, the production was back to the old quantity and still raising, thanks to improved crop quality producing higher yields, making up for the one year fall out. September 11 provided the Brits with the perfect excuse for going into Afghanistan. In return for US help to do his job as the loyal servant of her majesty, the Queen of England, Blair – together with his Australian poodle Howard – is now providing the Ziocons with the valuable ‘international’ flair for their rollback of 20th century de-colonialisation, whether that’s in Iraq, Iran or Dafur.



On a personal note in my bit for the war effort I’ve sent my stepfather some truthful emails about his suspicious visits to Woodbridge barracks (& his most recent visits as confirmed by my telephone tapping, your very welcome to my number too if you’d like it), the MoD banned freemasons from using their property for gatherings after 9/11.

I was told the police could do nothing without a full confession. As provocative as I’ve tried to be it seems I’m still banging my head against a brick wall . So far nothing.

And they say ignorance is bliss. 

P.S. I’ve added some pic’s of me in the album – just to prove I’m equally as real as my stepfather. My stepfather Stuart (Willy) Wiltshire is the one in the sunglasses leading the parade of her Majesties Royal Engineers (he was also a staff sergeant attached to the parachute regiment for 22 years, they call themselves sappers, he is also a fully qualified explosives expert), holding the flag. He admitted to me in an email he knew what happened on 9/11 but refused to say (This can be proven). And if you’ll search my blog a bit more you’ll find a picture of one of the biggest drug dealers in our town – my stepbrother, one of "Willy" Wiltshires sons.


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