Happy 60th Birthday Human Right’s

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the declaration of human rights. I didn’t know myself until I saw the ending of channel 4 news last night (the three minute wonder documentary that follows it) to see soldier Ben Griffin remind the British public that as a serving or otherwise British soldier his fundamental rights to freedom of speech had been taken away from him. He’s still under a gagging order. I’ve tried to catch the video on the web but for love nor money I can’t get hold of it which is a shame, because I wanted to share it! I just wanted to say if your out there Ben thank you for being brave enough to defend the truth and thank you for reminding me of what I was trying to say in the first place.





Big hugs & appreciation from annietheamp x


I sent an email to my stepfather this week asking why he hadn’t pursued going to see a solicitor like the police told him too when he tried to have me arrested for blogging. The only conclusion I can come too is that he didn’t want the publicity of us both being dragged through a court. God know’s it might even legitimise one of us!

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1 Response to Happy 60th Birthday Human Right’s

  1. Unknown says:

    Ann, it annoys me that i know that ppl are reading your bolgs but not commenting…are they so scared of the arseholes in self-proclaimed power? What do they think will happen? Track them down at ASDA and kill them with a poison brolley or a poison trolley?You keep blogging my friend, i will keep reading and shouting, i dont know if you have seen this site, but it is a gold mine, go look, my wee fighter for truth and justice… http://www.fknnewz.com/index.phpEnjoy and …as always, keep safe.Regards Jim

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