Britain’s involvement with Israel & taking part in “Operation Cast Lead”

Israeli ex-soldier shares insight into occupation

Press TV – January 29, 2009
With more and more evidence that Israel may have committed war crimes and contravened the Geneva Convention during its recent 3-week assault on Gaza, concern is also brewing over whether any British subjects were involved.

Press TV’s Fareena Alam spoke to Seth Freedman, a British Jew who once served as an Israeli army volunteer. He has since become disillusioned with the occupation.

A quote from the article: There are plenty of expat English men who still hold and English passport but living in Israel. They are both English and Israeli and they are serving in the West Bank on reserve duty. They have also served in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. I don’t think anyone would hide that. I couldn’t give you exact figures but it’s quite clear that a big percentage of the Israeli population is made up of immigrants who aren’t obliged to give up their home-country citizenship.

Full article here; 

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