The Ipswich killer or a British military psyop?

As in the case of the two murdered girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman as pointed out by the late great Mr Joe Vialls, the girls bodies were found near a military base yet not one of the 5000 servicemen from the base was questioned?


In the same manner as Huntley the convicted killer of Holly and Jessica, Steve Wright the man convicted for the murder of 5 prostitutes in Nov/Dec 2006 was arrested and convicted by the media in a remarkably short space of time. Case Closed.

Here are some interesting facts;

If an average working girl with a heroin habit has 4 punters a night at £50each by the end of the week that’s £1400 for her heroin/crack dealer.

The global drugs trade is big business for us Brit’s (google it!) and since we invaded Afghanistan no end of our troops have been slapped with a gagging order by the MoD like this one

Since the British helped invade Afghanistan heroin production in that country is at an all time record high.

Steve Wrights father was a military policeman who was stationed in Malta amongst other places. (us British gave it back in 1964)

To this day Steve Wright denies murdering the girls.

There were discrepancies at the trial;

A member of the public spotted victim Tania Nicol late on the night she disappeared speaking to the driver of a car which appeared to have two occupants.

Another mystery was how Anneli Alderton’s body appeared to have been carried to its final resting place by two people, as there was no evidence of it being dragged through the foliage.

Ipswich along with it’s red light district is situated just half an hours drive away from the Para’s barracks in Colchester. (the Parachute regiment does the recruiting for the SAS and no doubt other shady black op units).

(Taken from the BBC)

Initial police inquiries revealed Miss Alderton, from Colchester in Essex, caught the 1753 GMT train from Harwich to Colchester on 3 December.

There are no known sightings of her alive since then.

We already know by various articles on the web that our military have experimented in mind control as MI6 have paid compensation and there is no doubt that trauma based mind control is as real as domestic violence, but the burning question even if the man is as guilty as sin, given Wrights mental capacity to defend himself and his unique ability to slip past the police and take women literally from under their noses is who was his accomplice & why?

Its no secret our troops have been known to use working girls – it’s no secret who the biggest drug dealers in our country are too. Can you do the maths?

And here is one more co-incidence; at some point in his military career, my stepfather must have stumbled across Steve Wrights father. As a young sapper he had family connections in Malta, in fact I believe his grandmother is buried there.

My Stepfather is a Sapper and this entire blog & contents is dedicated to him. Fitting for someone who recently got a medal in person from the Queen and who’s son is a drug dealer!

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