Out of Order


I haven’t blogged for sometime and think this will be my last for the foreseeable future. My youngest has been branded as disruptive and thrown out of school for what seems like forever. I’ve had to give up my job in the process of having no idea when or where he will go in the future. I was asked the other day by the authorities if he’d been diagnosed with ADHD. It’s the perfect crime, for every child that upsets the headmaster they can have a free diagnosis and a lifetime of drug’s to “keep them under control” and as a cash incentive mum might get a few extra quid on her benefits courtesy of our gov for caring for a “disabled child” we will say nothing of allowing the pharmaceutical companies using our children as guinea pigs in the process.

So I’m moving to a different catchment area to see how it goes. Yes my boy can be mischievous and headstrong but for God’s sake we have water authorities lacing our water with fluoride (which started life as a nazi experiment in a nazi concentration camp) and dentists putting mercury into our children’s mouths yet it’s illegal to dump it in a dust bin as it’s classed as toxic waste. We have a bunch of legalised bank robbers and murderers running our country and have to pay for a propaganda channel that uses our cash to bullshit the entire globe and if we don’t pay us Brits get our names in the local paper and branded as scumbags for not paying the BBC for the privilege of watching our own bought and paid for television set’s.

And then the papers and headmasters blame us parents for setting a bad example?

I’ve lost my job, I’m giving up my nice little semi (in the most sought after place within the area – it took me bloody years, lost in 5 mins) but I’ll be damned if I loose my lovely (and I know he is) little boy to some drug company because he’s upset the headmaster in sticking up for his friend. So I’m on the move. I’ll miss the web for a while too, I can’t deny it. There is no other place on earth I can openly tell the BBC how thoroughly pissed of with them I am for lulling the masses into this false sense of security whilst expecting us Brits to pay for the privileged. Gordon Browns opening words to the American house I felt very deeply myself when he mentioned what an inspiration to us and the world the true Americans were. In my little world on the web I’ve seen the passion in which they have fought for the truth and at times I’ve been moved to tears. But all the moving words in the world can not bend nor distort the truth and those that can see it already know so it will come as no surprise. Britain and her empire once ruled the world and our rulers saw themselves as they saw the rulers of the Roman Empire (just take a tour around our governments foreign office in London) thankfully the rest of the world stood up to our top brass. Rome also fell.

Britain – take a look at what we have allowed these same people do to our kid’s, they are branded as no more than riff raff or scum and that’s courtesy of our newspapers. Look at the way they have both lied too and treated our troops – our sons. Isn’t it about time, like the rest of our empire eventually did, we stood up to these ruthless bastards too?

Looks like I have a few very personal battles to go off and fight – I wish you well with yours too my friend and thank you for the time’s you’ve tolerated my grievances.

Ann x

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