Good lawyer wanted.

Some weeks ago the British Government introduced a new law stating that any one publicly sharing information on military personnel (serving or otherwise) could face up to 10 years imprisonment should it be used for the purpose of terrorism. My stepfather is an ex staff sergeant and military explosives expert of the Royal Engineers attached to the Parachute Regiment or, as these men are generally known as “Sappers”.

The blogs that I have previously published on this site contain both his photo, his email (which could be proven and traced) in which he admitted to me he knew what happened on 9/11 and most of everything else I know about him, his top brass friends and my heroin dealing step brother.

This week in Northern Ireland two young sappers were gunned down in cold blood. Should the authorities wish to silence me I could potentially face up to 10 years imprisonment. The new’s channels are taking the stand that is was the Real IRA that committed this atrocity as the army announced it’s deployment of an SAS unit in Northern Ireland. It’s no secret our top brass regard our young troops as no more than cannon fodder for their own desired ends and I don’t doubt for one moment that these men, as history has proven, see themselves as above and beyond the law.

Should this blog be read in full you will see my hopes of the Royal Engineers over seeing a full inquiry of their own top brass’s dealings for yourself. The news paper that first run the story that it was the Real IRA who committed this crime stated that someone had telephoned them “claiming” it was the Real IRA. The rest of our news papers have decided it is now the official line however this is the only publicly available evidence linking the crime to the Real IRA as the British military have the video footage of the entire incident captured on CCTV.

I feel as with Bloody Sunday, 9/11, 7/7 and this latest act of terrorism the British people deserve a full public inquiry, sadly the likes of which we will probably never see. Our troops lives should be no one’s pawns in a game for a political advantage and general public acceptance of the SAS being deployed back in Ireland, history has proven our authorities are not above using such tactics.

Should the police wish to close down this blog or in some way attempt to connect it to this cruel murder of the two young sappers I would like you to know I wrote this blog as I felt my fears of my stepfathers involvement with false flag terrorism attacks were totally grounded and very real which is why I have chose to face whatever consequences my own government chooses as opposed to taking this blog down in fear of a bunch of heartless cowards and over privileged butchers.

Yours sincerely

Miss Ann-Marie Smith.

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