To all the boys on the Front Line and let’s not forget walmart uk grimsby

I’ve been trying for a while to change the security settings on my blog, just for a little time out so I can step back from the world and try view my position with a different perspective. Try as I might unless I delete the whole thing I keep on popping up here and there for the world to see. I’m also finding it difficult to press that final delete button as here on these pages are the only record I can leave to my son’s should I happen to get run over by an articulated lorry (not that I’m planning on it but I’d put nothing past my stepfathers military pals).

The bottom line of this blog is I have had various amounts of shit thrown at me through out my life in many various ways, none of which was called for which led me to asking the questions why? What is it about me? What do I know? And to be honest no one told me nothing, it was simply something I had to work out by myself after taking a good long look at those whom I was unfortunate enough to be related too. After I took that long look and developed my perspective my world still looks much the same. Social engineers corrupting and perverting our kids while the military ones work on world domination. See from my point of view, my step father being an engineer (royal attached to the parachute regiment, freemason having met the bloody queen of England top brass arse licking Guantanamo Bay is Closed

lets blame it on the Jews and we can sucker these thick ignorant fat American types into believing anything) yes that is he, with a son who has an entire drug dealing police force “we are not at liberty to serve justice or help you cos the military is too big, ugly and powerful for us, sorry ma’am no can do today” on his side.

Our troops are being killed in Afghanistan while we have our hand up America’s posterior in order that the general public can blame them for the killing of civilians and our troops whilst our top brass has their hands deep in the pockets of the international drugs trade and money laundering rackets, Anyone remember China’s opium wars? Or the fact we were once the most barbaric, raping and pillaging “for queen, country and Empire nation” on the face of the earth. They told you it was over and the empire was dead – they lied! We have our dirty little sewer rat hand in every pie imaginable, the blokes at the very top of the food chain want the Nazi’s back in power so they can play divide and rule and let’s be honest we’ve all fell for it. Blame the Jews for everything and the real elite get off on what another cunning stunt they have just played. Britain has more security cameras than any other nation on earth, it’s an irony that the little sick perverted men that want to rule the entire planet by screwing America, Israel and others have such a shit hole for their own back yard. So you boys on the front line fighting in Afghanistan, you just keep that heroin coming our way, God knows they wouldn’t want our youth of today turning to sobriety to see the blokes that sent you over there in the first place for the sad little Adolph Hitler adoring tyrannical cowardly little shit fuck’s that they really are now would they?

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