Breaking the Silence.



I know I keep repeating myself and every time I do it’s just as hard as the first time I decided to state my case. But now feels like another appropriate time and it’s a drum I feel obliged to keep on banging till somebody hears me.

It’s been four years almost to the day since I had anything to do with my family. A week before the London bombings my fully qualified explosives expert stepfather who is an ex staff sergeant of the airborne engineers “sappers” that still associates with Her Majesties top brass was summoned to Brompton Barracks for a strictly “boy’s only” do.



When the London bombings occurred on that fateful day, through the absolute devastation and tragedy I had felt before too many times in my life, for the first time it truly dawned on me why I had been made a target of so many times in the past.

It was a French policeman that helped the met with their inquiries into the bombing that stated military grade explosives had been used.

The government has categorically stated it would be too expensive for a full inquiry and used the Bloody Sunday inquiry as the reason


Finally I understood. My stepfather was in Gibraltar another British military base on 9/11 and at the time I had no internet connection nor understanding of the significance. As human beings we all have blind spot’s and sometime’s there are thing’s we find hard to acknowledge. In the weeks leading up to 9/11 my mother thought my stepfather was having some kind of emotional crisis as he was so distant. I remember asking him myself what the problem may have been and I remember his answer too, he told me that the boys had asked him to do a job for them and he wanted to get it right, other than that he would not elaborate on what the job was. We had a falling out when he got back from Gibraltar in the September of 2001 due to his heartless reaction when I expressed my sheer despair at the events I’d witnessed unfold on the television. From that point on our relationship was never the same again.

To spite this I still decided to send him an email with the photographs of what has since been stated by other experts as thermite in the picture’s of the twin towers coming down, as he is a fully qualified explosives expert I felt his opinion may count for something. He did admit he knew what happened on 9/11 but again refused to elaborate. I still have the emailed reply if you’d like a copy.

My step brother is or has most definitely been one of the most successful drug dealers in my own home town, his shop is or was a front for his money laundering activities. Throughout my life I’ve been stalked by men with camera’s and on occasion with guns but never once in my youth did I realise the significance of why anyone would want to terrorise me into the depths of despair. I’ve even had some perfectly clear anonymous death threats, again I had absolutely no idea my stepfather or his henchmen were behind it until the age of about 35 when finally the pieces started coming together. I don’t want to go into my background again, I’ve already done so, suffice to say from being a very small child I’ve been no stranger to violence, fear and terror and yes my father and grandfather were both ex military too. When I realised the connection between my stepfathers henchmen, the drugs trade and why they have felt the need to single me out I became painfully aware that from the moment I met my stepfather he always knew, should I ever realise the truth about him I would be the first to oppose him and he was right.


Please read “Dope,inc” Britain’s Opium War Against America. Please ask why our boys are in Afghanistan and why we have so many time’s in the past funded the men that are aiming the bullet’s at our own young men. Yes I’m repeating myself again but I am still of the absolute firm belief our British Top Brass is profiting from the drug’s trade, they helped to instigate this phoney war and they are using our own young men in the process. My stepfather and his son are still living proof.

Yours sincerely

Miss Ann-Marie Smith

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