Pharmaceutical Opiates is Big Business.

Jeepers, when you consider the real reason our boy’s are in Afghanistan and realise it’s not just the illegal drug dealers making a killing it could almost turn your stomach.


 Until you read this that is … ….. It’s about how our top brass begged a judge to let a convicted paedophile off so he could do a tour of duty in Afghanistan. I see their ethos towards child abusers hasn’t changed (That was my own personal comment) of course being British and from personal experience I’ve found our MOD is not quite as open under the freedom of information act as the American and Canadians are. Gagging orders are gagging orders and I have absolutely no doubt what so ever that our young soldiers know all about that!

Meanwhile here at home I read an interesting piece on how America has recently been attacked using British servers which I found interesting in view of the fact that for weeks now I’ve been unable to find employment but one job offer appears regularly in my local paper. Electronic Warfare Support and you don’t even have to be in the military! Just brainwashed enough by our media to believe the American’s are solely responsible for all that is wrong with the world no doubt. So my point being Electronic Warfare? What’s this all about? An un democratic government has operatives under their umbrella that don’t have to account to anyone and the next thing you know America is being attacked from British servers?


It all sound’s a bit suspect to me

Read “Dope inc,” if you really need to be enlightened. (it’s a book free for you to google, it’s about Britain’s opium war – why our boy’s are in Afghanistan and why some war’s were never meant to be won).

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