It’s Saturday & here we go again………….

MoD uses counter-terrorism powers to spy on wounded soldiers


Hundreds of injured servicemen who submitted compensation claims have been secretly filmed by Ministry of Defence officers to check whether they are exaggerating or lying, it has emerged.

The secret surveillance of claimants is being carried out under the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), originally intended to help the police and MI5 monitor terrorists in the UK.


To spite the troops who do make it home having gagging order’s placed on them (so much for fighting to preserve freedom of speech in the UK) Read;

MoD issues gag order on armed forces


I can’t help but wonder if our troops are being treated like terrorists just incase they attempt to enlighten the public of yet another of their human rights being taken away by our top brass of the MoD?

To top it all I awoke to this headline this morning;

Two most senior military commanders order Gordon Brown to do more for troops

Gordon Brown was yesterday humbled over defence after Britain’s two most senior military commanders publicly ordered him to do more for British troops in Afghanistan.

And I thought we were meant to live in a democracy? Maybe Gordon know’s at least half of the British public want our troops back home? Or may be, just may be he’s read Dope,inc? And doesn’t agree with our Top Brass’s ethic’s of being colonial wasters of life and limb? I know I for one don’t!


The following link is of my stepfathers website, just to prove we are both for real;

(There’s a picture of me somewhere on this angry blog too, just for the doubters that want to know if I have the courage of my own convictions. As they say “fools walk where angels fear to tread” & I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!)


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