I’ve just seen the REAL NEWS


It was a video of a US army helicopter supplying the Taliban with ammunition. If your savvy enough you can find it for yourself but I assure you it is out there.

Seeing is believing so they tell me and I wonder sometimes if the American Army actually know who they are working for, or if we do for that matter?

I know what our own Top Brass get up too is despicable and as I pondered this thought I couldn’t help but wonder if the ammo simply looked like it came from the American’s in view of the fact our own Top Brass have been reported to borrow the odd helicopter from America over in Afghanistan?

It’s just a shame the Taliban camera man didn’t catch the helicopters registration plate – if helicopters have them that is?

Okay don’t google it I give in! You’ll find it here



For the benefit of her majesties armed forces I went to the recruiting office today to ask if the military police could help as clearly the civilian one doesn’t want too. To spite my stepfather having associates within the still serving armed forces because he is officially retired there is absolutely nothing the recruiting office (or at least the bloke in charge) say’s the military police can do. If you’d like to pass my blog on to a policeman military or otherwise in all of it’s entirety – please feel free to do so. It is looking to me like the young lad’s that signed up to her majesties armed forces really did just give their lives for absolutely nothing (other than the illegal drugs trade that is).


BTW there was another murder within spitting distance from my new house which now makes it the third since I moved in and my step father is money laundering British Military Top Brass amongst other things that will become clear if you read the rest of my blog.

 This is my step bro’s shop ironically next door but one to the recruiting office in a place called "Freeman Street" my step bro is the one that sells the drugs while my step father sorts out the proceedings.   He even met the Queen recently.  He’s called Stuart "Willy" as he’s known to his friends Wiltshire.  I’ve had to deal with it for years – can you? You’ll find the link to his website on the rest of my blog somewhere. As for me? Well I’m still breathing the last time I checked, so i’ll just consider myself lucky, for now.

This is him – the one with the flag and shades and believe me he doesn’t like his pic being taken nor parades, i’m on here somewhere too (that’s in my blog photo’s not the pic – just to prove i’m as real as he is) but you’ll have to find it for yourself!

& This is his Regiment



Seriously do these blokes with bayonets intact look like they are kidding? Neither am I!

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