A very short blog for the MoD

Here is a news story about the incredible case of the Turkish drugs baron working for Mi5 and the Crown Prosecution Service.


In recent years I’ve been given the impression that the average police officer is not content with his lot. Perhaps they already know that should they even attempt to bring a real criminal to justice ultimately the Crown Prosecution Service will have the final say.

With Afghanistan now supplying 90% of Britains heroin the chances are we are funding the bullet’s and land mines directed at both British and American troops. Perhaps it’s about time someone reminded the Crown Prosecution Service that perverting the course of justice is a criminal offence?

I have to confess though I can’t help but feel those engaged in war profiteering go that one step further – I’d call it treason myself.

MoD accused of ‘jobs for the boys’


As an after thought;

Some brave Americans have sworn an oath to defend their constitution from enemies “foreign and domestic” and I’m wondering if it’s not about time that we thought about re wording our own oath’s of allegiance.


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