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I only found out yesterday that Douglas Barder the famous second world war pilot who lost both of his leg’s and still returned to active duty had worked for the Royal Dutch Shell company and his father was a sapper in the Royal Engineers. I also recently found out that my real father how shall I put this? He had they say cancer of the throat so the next thing we all knew is he’d had his voice box removed which was pretty depressing for a man who was dyslexic and had no way left of communicating – I think he just about lost his will to live let alone whatever disease had him in it’s grip. I’d always been convinced he’d died of a morphine overdose and it wasn’t until I worked in an old folks home my fears were confirmed and I learned how morphine shut’s the most vital organ in the body down that all the others depend on, the brain (ask a doctor if you don’t believe me, morphine is yet another opiate produced from poppies) and they say euthanasia is illegal, he was only 55. Back to my thread, the anniversary of my fathers death was the 22nd of November. I was aware it’s also the anniversary of Michael Hutchins death some years later (the lead singer of INXS who was found hanged in his hotel room) but I had no idea they both shared the same anniversary of death as President Kennedy until the other day. I guess a lot of people must have died on that date and November was always the darkest of months for me anyway, even as a very small girl I would be double marched to the cenotaph come remembrance Sunday to be reminded how so many had sacrificed their lives for the freedoms I had.

When I grew up to discover in reality I had very little freedom I couldn’t help but feel angry, lied too and cheated. And every day our Magna Carter stand’s for a little bit less and we loose a little bit more. All that blood shed on poppy fields already and all those tears of bereavement for fathers and son’s. I wonder sometime if Britain will ever be ready to open their eye’s?

Here’s some Pink Floyd for you; I would recommend you watch "The Fletcher Memorial Home" from the same album on you tube now that Britain is a fully fledged CCTV State.

      "the gunners dream"





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