I’ve cried a lot lately

American Army Corps of Engineers take responsibility for the Levy’s that failed to protect New Orleans in hurricane Katrina.


The Asian Tsunami –

biggest single war crime in global history?


"Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanoes remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves." American Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 1997.

Full article by the late Joe Vialls.



I confess that there are time’s when I have to completely detach myself from some of the things I have lived through in order to try and grasp some shred of balanced reasoning. My stepfather has a Pegasus on his spare wheel cover with the words “Airborne Engineers” written above it. It seems he doesn’t mind the entire world knowing what he is. Looking back now I see with absolute clarity how every horrible underhanded orchestrated act be it anonymously inflicted towards myself or the greater world at large has always left a trail leading back to the same band of men that I have been told are undoubtedly the most elite and feared fighting unit on the entire planet. And to think I’m related to one of them.

You could say I’ve led a sheltered and carefully orchestrated life right up until the age of about 35 when I made my first connection to the internet. All over the place I read testimonies of people who had been gang stalked and virtually terrorised. For the very first time in my life I was not truly one on my own. In honesty it’s been like opening one can of worms after another and yes it hurt’s to think that this betrayal was orchestrated by someone I should have been able to trust. I see now how desperate my stepfather was to conceal his activities and his need to have his men discredit me at every given opportunity.

I was beginning to wake from my trance like existence just around the time of the Asian Tsunami, my very sad and brainwashed mother who also attends Top Brass functions with my stepfather explained to me that mother nature has to, on occasion cull the masses as there is simply not enough resources to go around. After just reading about the plan to reduce our planet’s population by a bunch of psychopathic control freaks I was mortified to hear the words coming out of her mouth like some automated telephone answering machine. This was one wake up call I will not forget. I’ve had no choice but to walk away from what’s left of my family. I am a mother myself and my loyalty to my own son’s far out weigh any other. That’s why I chose to stand my ground and tell the truth about my stepfather.

The hidden hand of power in the country I live has helped destroy it from inside out. From the opium crops in Afghanistan which provide us with the heroin that keeps the police in job’s locking up small time burglars that steal for their fix’s spreading human suffering and misery all around to the morphine used for euthanasia, perhaps one of the most taboo subject’s in Britain today. All the pieces fit. From not one member of our top brass recognising or questioning the controlled demolition on 9/11 – the premise for the Afghanistan conflict to our CCTV state and the erosion of our civil liberties.

There are all kind’s of Engineers from social one’s to explosive experts. My stepfather was decorated by Haile Selassie as a young man. He was very proud of the fact. When I was a girl he would rave on about how Aids was manufactured in a laboratory and how Bob Marley was killed by a piece of contaminated metal placed in one of his shoes. I thought this was information every one knew.

He had a favourite lecture about hate, about how powerful it was. There was an instructor he’d had in boy’s service whom my stepfather had very seriously hated. He was killed in a plane crash which my stepfather attributed to his hatred of the man. Of course now that I’m older I realise no amount of hocus pocus is as effective as belonging to a secret society that will kill on your behalf providing you are willing to return the favour.

It’s odd to think in all of those years of knowing the man he only ever showed me his square and compass once.

He also had another favourite lecture. I think he must have missed being in charge of over 300 men so his family had to be make do substitutes. This lecture was the infamous “do not throw shit at the fan” lecture that most people are familiar with. I’m still struggling with that one a bit. I’ve been to the police and my MP, I’ve wrote to the MoD and been through every available channel to have this man investigated. I’ve exhausted all my options and myself in the process and no I don’t exactly smell like a rose but I’m still breathing and still patiently waiting for that final outcome.



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