The view from my kitchen window isn’t great, Derren Brown’s how to control a nation, mind control, British Military And Tavistock

Same old song, same old tune.

The view from my kitchen window isn’t great


You can clearly see one of two security camera’s that point towards my garden gate. If only it were as simple as watching them watching us, but in this day and age we never get to see the little man behind the camera.

My son watched Derren Browns “How to Control the Nation” last night my son was blown away at the fact the hypnotist literally did have him glued to his seat, he couldn‘t move at all. I didn’t watch as I feel there is something intrusive about allowing an uninvited guest into the deepest recesses of my mind to influence my thoughts and actions. Ironically I do own a television set for what it’s worth and have to pay the BBC a stupid amount of money for the privilege to spite struggling to feed my kid’s I’d get taken to court and a £1000 fine if I didn’t, while the BBC are happily using my money for their champagne lunches whilst setting up news services abroad that have about as much truth, news content and value as they do here (no doubt).

Given my stepfather is ex military and the life I have led I’ve done a fair bit of research on mind control since being on the web and the name Tavistock has cropped up over and over again. I decided to Google British Military and Tavistock the other day as if I needed more proof and found this little insight

It’s not the first time I’ve had to look to an American to find out what’s been going on in my own back yard and right under my nose but I thank god for their insight’s every day.

If I were to say it’s been a tough old year it may be an understatement but I’m having trouble remembering a time when I wasn’t in one way or another banging my head against the same old brick wall. I’m trying hard to keep what faith I have though, the walls of Jericho came tumbling down – eventually.


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