Dr’s, Drugs and the MoD


We have a new mental health act in place here in the UK. Now, with more powers than the police, the courts and the average politician that joined up because they actually wanted to do some good for this world put together all it takes is one single solitary doctor to have someone sectioned, drugged and detained indefinitely. (or we will do if no one objects)


Considering the amount of murders and suicides caused by antipsychotic drugs (or should I say carried out while a person has been taking them – just have a google if you don’t believe me!) it has answered my question of why the UK appears to lack whistleblowers and website’s dedicated to real news as opposed to our highly regulated press.

Our soldiers have gagging order’s slapped on them by the MoD while the entire world knows about the drugs trade coming out of Afghanistan. We have police chiefs that want to legalise it, Dr’s using morphine to help our old folk depart from this world and heroin addict’s robbing your gran for their daily fix. My God this bloody war has cost some of our service men an arm and a leg whilst those who protest now risk not only their liberty but their mind as well. Adolph Hitler would be proud that so many aspiring little fascists have used him as a role model to structure our new Great British State.

Long live the Queen eh?

Britain now has more British soldiers in prison than serving in Afghanistan



 Somebody, somewhere, check it out for yourself, please?

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