I’ve paid my T.V. licence fee in full this year,

Yet still they text me little reminders to pay them. I should never have given them my phone number. Just when I had lost all faith in a system that demands money from every household in Britain or they will print your name in the local paper as a criminal for the crime of owning a television set and not paying the BBC for the privilege of their propaganda service my very own local weatherman who appears on Look North every other night got a mention on the Alex Jones web site and is now our very own local Hero! Alex has been banging on about the rich getting rich and the poor getting poorer and one of their cunning stunt’s is to impose carbon taxes on us by way of this global warming hoax. Paul backed Alex up.




To spite his love of cloud formations and dodgy tie’s, I do believe bravery is among us. I for one am buzzin, my weather man has got more balls than yours – probably!

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