The latest instalment from the drug paraphernalia shop “Kashmire” Grimsby.

For anyone reading this the first time my stepfather was a staff sergeant in the airborne engineers for 22years and still hobnobs with the military’s top brass to this day. He also launders drug’s money for my stepbrother who was and maybe still is one of the biggest heroin dealers in Grimsby. Obviously I’ve been to the police as I know for a fact the shop which is now the legitimate front for the family heroin business was set up with laundered money.

It’s nice to know while our soldier are being ordered to protect the opium crops in Afhanistan and face up to 10years in prison should they try to object by making a legitimate protest against the war, someone back home is making a killing on the profit too. After attempting to go to the police and expose my stepfather for sometime now the following picture was his response and I presume all he has to say.


Best get the forensic hand writing squad in officer dibble!


By the way and just for the record technically my father died of a morphine overdose. Morphine being an opiate that is used in Britain to help our taboo system of selective euthanasia along. Yet again opium is a most convenient business for some.


A link to my stepfathers delusional world of respectability 


a photo from his site; I have heard that masons wear yellow tie’s; I’ve also wondered where the phrase yellow comes from?  this is one of my step daddy’s pic’s of his friends; I ask no more;BTW the man with the yellow tie is a military accountant, are you yawning with surprise?

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