No matter what way you look at it, there is a conspiracy amongst us. Just signing in to say hi, I’m still alive.

I haven’t blogged for a while so figured now may be a good time. For some reason Egypt and our celestial heavens have been drawn to my attention of late in a casual conversation and I’ve found myself eager to learn more of the planet Nibiru in a quest to find the evidence for my self. In my conversation I recalled and confused both project bluebird with project blue beam. One a unique mind control experiment and the other a plot by our military leaders to enslave mankind by staging an alien attack on the susceptible masses using holographic projectors into the night sky, thus terrifying mankind into giving what is left of his liberties to our beloved and heroic generals who will save us all from imminent extinction. Both project blue beam and project blue bird are worth googling to those with an open mind.

In the mean time I had a mysterious text the night before last at 21.10 followed by a neighbourhood gunshot 20 mins later. I was fast asleep last night but my little boy heard one at around the same yesterday too. I’m wondering if they will continue the trend tonight? Speaking of men that would probably like to see me shot I saw my stepfather last week and he saw me too. After the few years I’ve been blogging to spite his full knowledge and him going to the police and demanding they arrest me for slander to this very day he still hasn’t had the balls to confront me over it in person on the street or otherwise.

As I know full well he reads this blog I shall remind him of one of our very last conversations. I have no respect for men that attempt to manipulate people into doing their dirty work for them (it’s cowardly in my opinion) Remember? And if you killed off everyone in the world you disapproved of your going to end up one very sad and lonely old man. You walked out of the party on that note as I recall but looking back in hindsight I so wished I had added “and that goes for all of your top brass friends too!”

Doesn’t it make you mad when you think of what you should have said but didn’t after the event has passed?

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