An American General in London

I know I’ve blogged about this before and I’m going to do it yet again. RUSI is the Royal United Services Institute that was founded on studying the art of warfare. I’ve put the link on so you can hear for yourself General Petraeus’s own self admission of his association with our very own top brass Para types which would undoubtedly include the same types that my stepfather would hob knobb with.

My stepfather is a fully qualified explosives expert and instructor. He is editor of the following publication. He has laundered thousands upon thousands that I know of on behalf of my step brother who is one of the most successful drug dealers in my hometown. My stepfather was abroad on 9/11. My stepfather was at Brompton Barracks for a boys only do one week before the London Bombings. He admitted to me in an email that he knew who was behind 9/11 but refused to elaborate. I have been to the police and the general attitude appears to be that we need the revenue from the illegal drugs trade to keep our economy afloat. Time and again I have banged this drum. I know what my stepfather is capable of which is why I have begged for an investigation and time and again it has fallen on deaf ears.

If the American General is completely innocent of this knowledge then perhaps he could lead the investigation? They say that there is no smoke without fire – I really do think this might be important which is why I’ve been willing for the past five years to face the consequences whatever they may be.

If you do happen to know where I could get hold of a policeman with a pair of balls or even a General I’d be very grateful if you could pass my plea on.


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