This Week

I was summonsed to the bank yesterday under the lure of the promise to decrease my over draught interest payments. I have to admit when she made me acknowledge a form that said on behalf of the Royal Bank of Scotland my sigh gave me away. After asking me what my sons names were she followed on as to me considering the possibility of being burgled and how terrible it would be if my sons property got stolen.  I told her I had both a golf club and a guard dog. She was quite insistent that I should give the bank money on circumstances that haven’t happened yet based purely on fear.  I was quite insistent I would not part with my money on those grounds. She then asked me about my sons future, what would they do without me? I told her I encountered an insurance sales woman on the phone once before (from the same institution I might add) and asked her if life insurance meant me being covered in the event of me being murdered, the lady categorically said no. Clearly she was trying to sell me the same flawed policy. Perhaps I look like an easy target to scare? She was very serious about all the ‘what if’ scenarios and so was I.  I felt like a target on you’ve been framed but she was the one that looked like someone had just slapped her face.

I could have had a holiday from the amount of money my bank has helped themselves too from me alone. Talk about trying to get blood out of a stone! I left with no reduced interest rate payments and she without her insurance sale’s premium.

I expected this week to be a difficult one for me in more ways than one. Last Monday saw the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing and not a year has passed without me shedding a bucket load of tears for the sheer emotions this event brought into my life. I remember 1995 far too well as it was a particularly tough year for me. That awful day nearly finished me off for good. Lot’s of events have happened in my life that I’ve despaired at and needed answers as to why.

I’ve learnt that the man responsible for the Oklahoma bombing was trained at Fort Bragg, home of the American Airborne Engineers. I learnt that the American Engineers were directly responsible for the levy’s that broke during Hurricane Katrina killing so many people.

If you read my previous blog and look on the link provided you’ll find my stepfathers associates attended a thing called ’LeapFest’ and that certain members of our Anglo-American military are far too close for anybody’s comfort. I started this blog as I had fear’s that I wanted/needed alleviating yet since I have been on the internet all I have managed to find is that those fears were most definitely based on a reality I’ve had to survive and it couldn’t be anymore remorseful than it already is.

I have remembered the victims and their families this week, I remember them most days of my life and it’s the sheer frustration of knowing justice has not yet been done that motivates me to tell the truth and do my best to share what I know.

I would like to see justice done in my lifetime too.

I will always be sorry for not waking up and seeing what was right under my nose sooner.



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