Compulsory Psychiatric Tests for all of our troops, what’s next compulsory drugging?

Something that concerns me.

If the Tories win power in the general election they want to make it compulsory for all of our service men and women to undergo psychiatric screening. The last serviceman that tried to alert people to what was going on in Afghanistan and wanted our troops pulled out ended up in prison for exercising his freedom of speech. I would like to know if compulsory screening under the Tories would also mean compulsory drugging of servicemen they deemed a risk to themselves (the status quo we live under I mean)? if you google suicide statistics and murder’s by those who have been on or are receiving anti psychotic drugs I know you will find that some of these medication’s actually increase the likelihood of these events occurring.

Yes I believe our armed services need helping – help to air their opinions and tell the world the truth, help to exercise their rights to freedom of speech. The chances of them doing that whilst being drugged to the high heavens are pretty slim. As if it’s not hard enough in a country where the only newspaper stories you get to read are the ones deemed suitable by the establishment.

I have my own reasons for not wanting to see a government get in that would probably award billions more to our arms manufacturers whilst our young teenage kid’s that have been used and abused by this system go to hell.

At best this could be a lucrative deal for the drugs companies and MoD doctors in a sinister attempt to quell political dissent at worst it could lead to even more human rights being taken away from our troops should they find themselves forcibly drugged against their will.

The implications of this proposal to me is much more frightening than having my window smashed because I refuse to keep my mouth shut. Here’s the proposal;

Troops given compulsory psychiatric tests under Tories

 I read on an American website that Obama is planning on withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan in 2011 –  the silence is deafening this side of the pond.


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