You know when something’s wrong.

From the day the Tory government got into power I had one of those ominous feelings from the pit of my stomach. I figured we’d be at war with Iran within a fortnight and now the sabre’s are already a rattling.

It would have been wonderful to celebrate Liam Fox the new “keep the lie alive” minister announce the fact that he wanted our troops out of Afghanistan if it was not for the fact William Hague has ambitions of his own.

I know this is cynical but if our troops are pulled out of Afghanistan to go to war with Iran that’ll probably be three illegal wars in a row.

How much more can we take? 9/11 WAS an inside job and so WAS 7/7, even the coroner in the inquest of 7/7 has to look on the internet for answers – WHAT DOES THAT TELL THE BRITISH MILITARY?

I have always tried to put myself in the shoes of some young patriotic squaddie, we have more in common than you will ever know but I seriously remember how I felt when I realised everything I had previously believed had been lies designed by evil manipulative men who were out to promote nothing but their own ego. Words alone can not convey what walking through hell only to be greeted by the old man that sold you down the river whilst counting his cash in process feels like. Eventually I opened my eyes and took a stand, the only weapon I had was the truth but I used it to the uttermost best of my ability.

Some where some thing along the line will have to give. Young heart’s and souls have been ravaged by bloody wars and now they want you to do it all over again just with different people in different places and have you ever stopped to ask yourself in God’s name Why?

The minister put it quite plainly “Britains Interest’s” do you honestly for one second think you are in his equation?

Do you think a third illegal invasion in the eyes of the world might not be jeopardising our national security somewhat more as opposed to basing relationships on mutual trust and understanding?

If the only men our young squaddie’s trust to tell them the truth is their man in the chain of command then all I can say is may God help us all.

Just think about it, your battle scarred and tired and a holiday would be nice so you can take some time to pick up the pieces of what’s left but no chance. If they give you a break where you might start using your own mind and judgement you might just wake up from your nightmare and take it to the door of those who induced it in the first place. Nope straight back to hell for our armed services I’m sorry to say lad’s they need you for the next war so quick you aint gonna have time to have a wash let alone reflect.

It breaks my heart when I see what they’ve done to you.

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2 Responses to You know when something’s wrong.

  1. s says:

    my son withdraw from the army,he doesn\’t like deceit in any form.i admire you for having the guts to tell it like it is.

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