A reign of fear; how the British top brass do business.

If you’ve read my blog before you will know my stepfather was a member of the airborne engineers. That’s a cross between a para and a royal engineer and they like to think of themselves as the “thinking man’s soldier”. It doesn’t make them any less brutal though. I have no idea due to MSN removing the statistics tool whether anyone will ever read this blog again but while surfing the net I came across this piece and felt I had to take my chances and share it. It’s about one of the soldiers that gave evidence in the Bloody Sunday Inquiry having to have permanent police protection, not for fear of reprisals from the Irish but for fear of reprisals from the Para’s themselves.

Bloody Sunday: ex-paratrooper in hiding over Saville inquiry evidence



Every single word, my doubt’s and my fears of my stepfather being involved in terrorism was based on facts and a reality I have had to live with for years. From death threats, obscene graffiti, my window being smashed and my son being threatened all suggested evidence of guilt to me. When our top brass can destroy the life and freedoms of one of their own step children whilst telling the troops they are fighting abroad to defend the freedom of the British people then someone is lying and I know it isn’t me.

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