Top Brass Airborne Division of the Army Throws Spanner in The Works!


Looks like some wars were not meant to be won, especially if the men I’ve been blogging about for years have anything to do with it. There is a reason our lads on the front line don’t have enough helicopters and that reason was very bravely put forward on a channel four documentary called Dispatches “How the MOD Wastes Our Billions” I have made many allegations about our Top Brass and though I cannot directly at this moment in time prove what I have said, no one has been able to disprove what I have stated either.

The documentary came as no surprise to me but I have to ask you this question “if our top brass could knowingly deprive young men and women on the battlefield of the right to effective air cover, costing some their lives how low in their cold blooded calculations do you think they are capable of going in the conquest to restore empire?”



The documentary can be found here and I implore you to see for yourself

Thank you

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