For all of those very brave people prepared to stand with the truth

Dear Sirs,

I am the step daughter of a fully qualified British military explosives expert who served 22 years in the Airborne Engineers retiring at the rank of staff sergeant. I have tried to get the police to investigate him but it seems their hands are tied, my stepfather has tried to get the police to arrest me for my blog but they told him to see a solicitor (lawyer) which he has not. My stepfather is the editor of a military magazine whom admitted to me in an email (which could be traced) that he knew what happened on 9/11 but refused to say, he has also laundered drugs money for my step brother. To this day I still believe he was involved with the bombings and that of 7/7. He was abroad on 9/11 and visited Brompton Barracks in England a week before 7/7 for a “boys only” do as my mother put it. He received a medal from the queen after 9/11 which is in print somewhere but I’ve failed to find it on the web. (you’d have to ask a member of his magazine subscription) I apologise for my long winded blog but as I have feared for my life it became a record also. I have recently translated a video clip of his 65th birthday and his email to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt my association with this man and for greater scrutiny. Deep down due to the circumstances in my life and the scale of harassment I have endured throughout, as well as my stepfathers associates he has given me nothing but reason to suspect his guilt. My problem is I am not sure how to go about exposing him in the hope of stopping him and his kind before they destroy all that is good in both of our countries. If you have any ideas then I would be very grateful if you would pass my info on to those who may be able to help.

I sent my stepfather photo’s of the explosions at the twin towers in 2005 and asked him if he would give an expert opinion. The following file is his original reply. As for my family Grimsby social services and police both have records. The social services know my grandfather was in the royal navy and he raped my mother till she bore a son. He also raped his grandchildren. My sister’s own account is with them. The police also hold records of my siblings history as does the Grimsby evening telegraph. When I heard the brave American lady Cathy Obriens testimony on the web, I fully understood why my family had been subject to such abuse for the very first time. I also understood that my information may be a tiny piece in a very large jigsaw, none the less I still believe that it should be investigated further by an appropriate authority.

Enclosed (i’ve tried and it does exist) is his original email and a zip file video of his 65th Birthday to prove my relationship at the time with this man.

Many thanks for your time

Miss Ann-Marie Smith

Stepfathers link (Stuart (Willy) Wiltshire)

My link

i’ve been trying to post a home movie and his email to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt my association with this man, sadly none are accepting, for advice or proof I am happy to try again.

here is his copied original email from 2005

Hello AnnMarie, You did not piss me off, it is just that I only spend half
of the week up here and most of that time I am going around my hoards
administering to their needs. I am on the computer for ashort time each
week. I did read your email with great interest. When I met your mum, I
became her mate, protector and her champion. Later on when she took over the
cafe at the arcade, I set it up forher. When a bully started going in and
causing hergrief, I forcefully showed him the door to the extent that I was
almost charged by the police for it. Some time later whenshe was looking
afterthe two boys,that martin character started to intimidate her. Both
Francis and Stephen triedtopersuade him to give it up to no avail. One day
he knocked at the door whilst I was in. Your mum came in with the two boys
just as I was finishing my conversation with him. That wasthe last time your
mum saw him before he left town. Quite a time after that, I made a promis
that I would always try to look after both you and Gerry. you were both on
your own. I have triedto do this to thebest of my ability. I have tried to
be your friend, protector and champion. can you remember when the Wolf tried
to give you a hard time and I went to his flat with you and your mum? He was
well warned. The problem came because where Gerry is more passive, you are
more independent and by your email I suppose you felt oppressed and stiffled
by me. Ypu said that you needed to go out and find your own partner. I do
understand that and I am pleased to know that there is a man in your life.
You were correct, I do know what happened at the twin towers but I feel that
if I were to champion you in that cause,I would be overshadowing your chosen
man,s relationship with you and treading on his toes and that would not be
fair to him. I feel that although I possibly am more aware of the situation,
he could possibly find out more on it and take up his proper place right up
there with you as your champion as I do with your mum. Another thing that
has struck me is as you say both our loves of our particular type of music.
Also your refference to freemasonry. I got my thinking cap on and searched
my computer and have found out that Motsart had two pieces of his
compositionsin which the freemasons were involved. “The magic flute” and
“The abduction from the seraglio”, It seems that quite a number of the old
composers were masons so I feel that I must go off on a quest of my own to
find oout if it were all coincidental.

sent from 2005

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