It hurts me too and i’m truly sorry


I need to apologise if my blog has in anyway caused distress to anyone and also because it has been based more in the form of a diary due to stress I appreciate it may have confused some. I received a few comments last week which were pretty offensive and obscene to say the least but I did reply to the man that sent them. One of his questions was he could not see how my stepfather may be involved in terrorism as he seemed to ‘genuinely’ care for me. So just to summarise this blog and why I reluctantly wrote it in the first place (no one would want this kind of attention) but felt such a duty to my own two son’s and humanity in the first place I could not contain my silence or obligations. Here is just two of the replies I made and I hope they can briefly summarise and explain what this blog is about.


My replies



Well firstly he admitted it to me in an email which can be traced back to his IP address and proven. Secondly should the law decide to check his bank accounts in the run up to 9/11 they will find he has laundered serious cash on behalf of the heroin trade and there fore he had a vested interest in our troops invading Afghanistan.  This man has access to her majesties royal armoury and a motive.  He is also capable of terrorising members of his own family which the police are fully aware of.  He told me in the weeks before 9/11 he’d been asked to ‘do a job for the boys’, when he got back from the fortnight he had spent abroad, which was the week prior to 9/11 and the week after (proven by his passport) he told me in his own words “the thick stupid ignorant American’s deserved everything they got.”  This man received a long service meddle from the Queen a year or so after 9/11 yet he had allegedly been retired from the armed services for many years to spite the many top brass functions he attends to this day. I have been saying the same thing for 5 years and he has not had the courage to go to a solicitor to fight these accusations in a court of law which he is fully entitled to do.



Mike,  If I was riding on the back of anyone’s grief be it the relative’s who lost loved ones on 9/11 or the families who lost their son’s through these bloody wars in my own home town I would be the first to admit I would deserve locking up and the key thrown away.  The sad fact is I have had every reason to suspect my stepfather’s involvement with terrorism as he has give me good cause to suspect him on many occasion.  Your very welcome to read my blog and if it so offends you report it to any authority you see fit.  After all I think it’s best that we let the intelligence experts and court’s themselves decide on my credibility and integrity don’t you?


On reflection of my comments it would be nice if we had a court in this country that we could trust to defend the truth and serve justice in the first place.


Again I am wholeheartedly sorry if my blog has caused anyone distress, I found out the other night that I have a friend who is missing in action so to speak (I don’t know if he is dead or alive) and I do know what bereavement feels like and I would not wish these feelings on anyone.


I’m so sorry ann





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