Praying for closure,

I’ve read several times of old boys attending military parades claiming to be a hero they were not. In these cases their fellow piers have exposed them as frauds along with their military records and had them prosecuted by law here in Britain. I watched a documentary about 9/11 by the BBC tonight and Alex Jones was on it amongst others but no one has ever been able to put in words exactly how I feel as one FBI agent that said he is still haunted by the fact that had they have known the hijackers were under his watch maybe he could have helped prevent what happened and that is what still hurts. I guess until certain people are proven to be right or wrong in a criminal justice system we can all trust there will be no closure for many of us.


All I have done on this blog is put a few fact’s together that can be proven along with my own personal beliefs. I never wanted to cause distress to any human being let alone those still grieving. I did what I did as Tony Farrel our police intelligence expert so clearly points out there is no place for someone like him within our justice system in the same way there is no place for someone like me. I like my local police force and have the uttermost respect for them but they themselves are at the mercy of the same law our system operates under.


They have my name address and telephone number and I’ve done the best I could under the circumstances. I haven’t blogged for sometime as I think I’ve exhausted everything there is left to say but it’s always in my mind that someone might actually take the fact seriously that I am the stepdaughter of a fully qualified British military explosive expert who was a member of one of the most elite regiments this country has and I still believe he and his colleagues should be fully investigated as to their exact where abouts and previous knowledge of the run up to 9/11 and I have done my level best to be clear in the afore mentioned reasons.


I became wired up to the internet in 2005 when I was not only presented with loose change but had no choice but to question everything I’d lived through up until that point and my own relative’s. The questions I asked were disturbing to me, the response I got was even more so. Alex Jones stated “if they kill me they will make me a martyr and idea’s are bullet proof, they can‘t kill them“, (in a round about way) and I think I understood what he was saying.


I doubt I’ll be posting anymore for a while but I am most definitely not going anywhere and nor is this blog. We’ll both be here and waiting should the time ever come should anyone or entity take it upon themselves to take a closer look and investigate further.


I know in my heart and soul sorry is way too little a word and way too late but this hope from deep within is still burning inside of me that one day the real truth will come out and we can all finally have the closure we need in order to heal. Someone once said the truth hurts and I believed them but there are some of us it remains nothing but a gaping wound that refuses to heal. We all need closure and I for one would rather the law prove beyond a shadow of a doubt I’m wrong and throw me in prison for believing what I do than continue for another year with what feels like a gangrenous festering wound that the light of day refuses to acknowledge. Yes I’m praying for closure too, not just for me but for everybody this horrendous chain of events has affected too.



Yours as always, with love and respect Ann

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