A rock so strategically important to the British Empire we have refused blatantly to give it back to the Spanish. A rock so ferociously guarded that you are not allowed to take photo’s or video of it if you happen to be on a passing ship the British military industrial complex hasn’t authorised. Its no secret it is a port for all allied nuclear submarines with undoubtedly the capacity to blow the entire planet to kingdom come but until recently few folk knew about the miles and miles of underground tunnels buried deep with in the rock that even housed a military hospital in the second world war.

Now all I am asking for a moment is for the thinking man to have a think about this;

In England we had the terror suspects convicted of conspiring to make bombs from hydrogen peroxide (that’s hair bleach for wanna be blonds)

In America you had the underwear bomber (make of that what you will)

A year or two ago I was caught by a wonderful British policeman pasting a printed poster to a wall, it read “if bank robbery is against the law, why haven’t the police arrested the bankers?” This is absolute truth and the picture of that statement must still be in the archives of this blog somewhere. The policeman in question told me to go home which I did and I knew at the time how lucky I was.

Sometime after that we had another terror scare here in England. Someone from abroad had tried to put explosives in a printer ink cartridge “allegedly” and our wonderful security services saved us in the nick of time. Oh the terror one little printer ink cartridge could cause in the wrong hands!

All of this is true and I would like for you to consider Gibraltar for one moment and I would like you to consider how they tried to sell you the idea that the man behind the 9/11 atrocity was sat in some secretive highly advanced cave complex?

I think the man may be in all of our faces!

That’s all for now. Thank you as ever, with all of my love, hope and respect  Ann x

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