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This is not a disclaimer,

I take full and personal responsibility for every word uttered on this blog about my stepfather, his money laundering and murderous ways and his military associates are truthful and expressed to the best of my ability.

As he is still alive I openly invite him to contest any denial he might wish to express in a court of law as I am prepared to stand before any judge and explain why I felt it necessary to write this blog and why I feel it necessary that he himself should stand before a judge and answer for his crimes.

I’ve told the truth and he has had five years to defend himself by taking me to court. The problem is you simply can’t defend the indefensible.

You know my address……..Ann-Marie

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Peaceful protest and the establishments boot.

Boris Johnson plans to clear Parliament Square peace camp

Boris for anyone that doesn’t know is the mayor of London.

Brian, one of our offending "criminals" won an award in 2007 voted for by the people who watch channel 4 news for being the most politically inspiring person of the year. This is Brian;


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The Truth is Always the First Casualty, Bloody Sunday, hope springs eternal.

What a day! I could not help but glue myself to the TV at 3.30 as I had feared another blatant whitewash by the government. I’ve waited in patient anticipation of the outcome of today for sometime and in that build up it’s only human but to remember those who were taken from this world so cruelly and so young.


My eldest son was five when his granddad died whom to spite all of his faults my son worshipped and I remembered how hard it was to console him each evening as I would tuck him into his bed. He lost a friend a few years ago to a mindless act of brutality when the poor lad was jumped on by a gang of thugs and it pains me deeply to see my boy grieve as I share in his loss. So today was a time of remembering in unison, to share pain and understanding of how very frustrating a process can be when the need for truth and justice is so great and especially so when you already know the truth but no authority wants to acknowledge it.

Today brought me tears but today brought me hope. Whatever Sir Michael Jackson say’s on the BBC be it about these horrendous events or our troops in Afghanistan this Inquiry proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the man deliberately fabricated the truth and lied. It is now also in the public domain that the parachute regiment are the assassination unit of the British Government purely representing the British interest. I have been blogging on this webpage for years now, some blogs may be more coherent than others but I have always endeavoured to be truthful and sincere although I understand the public perception of our top brass may be at odds with what I have stated. That is why I have asked people should their cognitive dissonance kick in to report me to whatever authority you see fit. Britain is at war and by rights should I have told any untruth I should have been hauled through the courts for slander. On this blog you will find a website with pages referring to serving members of our armed forces that I to this day believe were lied too and manipulated into an unjustifiable war. At no time ever did I want to put our troops in danger, I wanted them to come home and sort our own bad bastards out before they even thought about anyone elses and I would just like to make that clear. I still believe an act of treason was committed on 9/11 and 7/7 and I would implore any investigator to legitimately prove me wrong.

I feel so strongly because I am related too and been on the receiving end of one of the men I believe should be held accountable.

Today brought me a very welcomed ray of hope. I’ve always longed for Ireland to see peace and closure and I hope this day will bring that. I also hoped even if it does take 38 years and I’d be 78 by the time I got to give my evidence in the dock, I hoped that the families of the victims of 9/11 and 7/7 could have their day too and I hope they can forgive me for having to put what I know in the public domain without being able to say in person how very, deeply sorry I am for the way I have tried to rattle cages. If my blog causes offence and if I offered up the bucket load of tears I cried today I could not convey how sorry I am for having to write it in the first place but for god’s sake if it angers you enough please do something about it! The authorities have my IP address but you can’t sue someone for slander when they are telling the truth. Today we saw a legal system that gathered what shreds of dignity it had left and to a lot of peoples delight actually worked.

My hope is that it could work again.

Please read my other blog’s if you are interested.

Thank you

Miss Ann-Marie Smith

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A reign of fear; how the British top brass do business.

If you’ve read my blog before you will know my stepfather was a member of the airborne engineers. That’s a cross between a para and a royal engineer and they like to think of themselves as the “thinking man’s soldier”. It doesn’t make them any less brutal though. I have no idea due to MSN removing the statistics tool whether anyone will ever read this blog again but while surfing the net I came across this piece and felt I had to take my chances and share it. It’s about one of the soldiers that gave evidence in the Bloody Sunday Inquiry having to have permanent police protection, not for fear of reprisals from the Irish but for fear of reprisals from the Para’s themselves.

Bloody Sunday: ex-paratrooper in hiding over Saville inquiry evidence

Every single word, my doubt’s and my fears of my stepfather being involved in terrorism was based on facts and a reality I have had to live with for years. From death threats, obscene graffiti, my window being smashed and my son being threatened all suggested evidence of guilt to me. When our top brass can destroy the life and freedoms of one of their own step children whilst telling the troops they are fighting abroad to defend the freedom of the British people then someone is lying and I know it isn’t me.

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You know when something’s wrong.

From the day the Tory government got into power I had one of those ominous feelings from the pit of my stomach. I figured we’d be at war with Iran within a fortnight and now the sabre’s are already a rattling.

It would have been wonderful to celebrate Liam Fox the new “keep the lie alive” minister announce the fact that he wanted our troops out of Afghanistan if it was not for the fact William Hague has ambitions of his own.

I know this is cynical but if our troops are pulled out of Afghanistan to go to war with Iran that’ll probably be three illegal wars in a row.

How much more can we take? 9/11 WAS an inside job and so WAS 7/7, even the coroner in the inquest of 7/7 has to look on the internet for answers – WHAT DOES THAT TELL THE BRITISH MILITARY?

I have always tried to put myself in the shoes of some young patriotic squaddie, we have more in common than you will ever know but I seriously remember how I felt when I realised everything I had previously believed had been lies designed by evil manipulative men who were out to promote nothing but their own ego. Words alone can not convey what walking through hell only to be greeted by the old man that sold you down the river whilst counting his cash in process feels like. Eventually I opened my eyes and took a stand, the only weapon I had was the truth but I used it to the uttermost best of my ability.

Some where some thing along the line will have to give. Young heart’s and souls have been ravaged by bloody wars and now they want you to do it all over again just with different people in different places and have you ever stopped to ask yourself in God’s name Why?

The minister put it quite plainly “Britains Interest’s” do you honestly for one second think you are in his equation?

Do you think a third illegal invasion in the eyes of the world might not be jeopardising our national security somewhat more as opposed to basing relationships on mutual trust and understanding?

If the only men our young squaddie’s trust to tell them the truth is their man in the chain of command then all I can say is may God help us all.

Just think about it, your battle scarred and tired and a holiday would be nice so you can take some time to pick up the pieces of what’s left but no chance. If they give you a break where you might start using your own mind and judgement you might just wake up from your nightmare and take it to the door of those who induced it in the first place. Nope straight back to hell for our armed services I’m sorry to say lad’s they need you for the next war so quick you aint gonna have time to have a wash let alone reflect.

It breaks my heart when I see what they’ve done to you.

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Iceland’s president calls the British government financial terrorists.

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